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User analysis and operation platform

Provide flexible and effective analytical models

to help you understand the "why" and convert into growth-driven actions

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DataFinder provides a variety of analytic features

Event analysis

Want to compare customized metrics and follow advanced metrics such as quantiles and distributions of user behavior?

Retention analysis

What's the daily, weekly, and monthly retention of the project? What is the impact of the project's new features?

Funnel analysis

Which part of the conversion funnel caused the greatest loss? What was the reason behind it?


Who are the core users of high duration or payment? What in-project behaviors do they perform?

User path

What pages do the logged-in users visit in my project? What features do they use? What are the user actions prior to their in-project purchase?

User Portrait

What is the age, gender, and regional distributions of my users? How about their usage depth distributions?

User Look-up

What are the actions of the core users, or any other user cohort? Are your new tags reporting correctly?

Error analysis

How many crashes has my project experienced recently? What are the specific time and details of the crashes?

A/B Test

Which type of view is better for my feed content, a small or a big view? Where should the share button be placed, the left or the right bottom corner?

APP analysis

What are the DAU and DNU numbers of my project over the past four months? Are there any differences between channels and versions?

Web analysis

What are the main sources driving my website's visits? Which pages are the most frequently visit? Which pages do users usually bounce?

Mini-program analysis

Where do my mini-program users come from? How does the sharing link perform?

Our Strengths

In-depth analysis

In-depth analysis

End-to-end data processing, calculation, and visualization

Accurate. Fast. Reliable.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Flexibility & Efficiency

Variety of analysis models, flexible metrics and calculations that demonstrate results in real-time

Cross platform

Cross platform

Tailor made solutions are provides across apps, websites and mini programs



A one-stop solution for growth, covering different roles and scenes

User Portrait

User Portrait

Helps you to understand your users with in-depth user profiles



Real-time queries and responses with proven support of up to tens of millions of DAUs and hundreds of billions of events

Use scenarios

Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3

Gain timely insights, discover dips in operation

Discover the least efficient conversion steps in real-time using retention, funnel, pathfinder, and other behavior analysis models

Optimize your operation strategy to improve results.

Gain timely insights, discover dips in operation

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